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Elizabeth Berezovsky, PHD

President, Red Oak Bio, LLC


Leadership of virtual teams & management of contract research for pre-clinical work

Dr. Berezovsky is highly skilled at generating consensus, engagement, and focus in interdisciplinary teams to propel work forward.  She leverages her large network of trusted contract research organizations and subject matter experts to execute development activities in virtual or semi-virtual mode.  


IP Management & Landscape Evaluation

Dr. Berezovsky serves as the point person on teams for discussions with IP counsel to prepare the team and facilitate efficient communication.  She provides thorough analysis of IP portfolios and the competing IP landscape.  She evaluates IP findings in the context of developmental stage, commercial objectives, and competitive environment to craft specific recommendations for teams on when and how to file.


Opportunity evaluation for investors

Dr. Berezovsky provides clients with in depth due diligence of technical merit, IP status, competitive positioning, time/cost to market, and commercial opportunity.  To enable the best possible investment decision making, she arranges and leads calls with key opinion leaders (KOLs).  She quickly differentiates promising assets from weak assets to enable efficient evaluation of multiple opportunities.


Candidate biomarker surveys

Dr. Berezovsky provides customized and comprehensive analysis of candidate pharmacodynamic biomarkers for a given drug candidate, target or pathway, along with guidance for specific assay development.  Markers are ranked based on scientific rationale, feasibility, and likelihood of response.

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